Supervision & Consultation

I provide supervision for students and new clinicians as well as consultation for seasoned clinicians looking for ways to incorporate body-based interventions in their practice.


If you are in school or a provisionally licensed clinician looking to get supervision while working toward your full licensure, I provide both individual and group supervision. We will likely be a good fit if you’re:

  • Looking to be challenged in your clinical case conceptualization

  • Willing to actively try out strategies in supervision

  • Wanting to learn body-based interventions to incorporate into your sessions

  • Aligning with a humanistic, existential worldview with an added focus on concrete skill-building

Additionally, Motivational Interviewing, DBT, ACT, and Mindfulness are specific specialties. Please review my “about me” page to learn even more about my approach.

My population knowledge-base includes: substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, mood disorders, psychosis, hospice, and medical concerns. I am familiar with populations residing in various levels of care from inpatient psychiatric, intensive outpatient, group therapy, and private practice individual therapy. 

I also provide supervision and consultation on:

  • Professional development

  • Resume writing

  • Interviewing skills

  • Leadership development

$50-75/hour, per person


I provide consultation to clinicians of all experience levels looking to learn about and incorporate body-based skills and interventions into their work. This could be an ongoing consultation agreement or a one-time case consultation. Consultation to incorporate holistic, mind-body interventions may be helpful if you’re:

  • Finding your clients, or even one client in particular, are not responding well to traditional talk therapy interventions

  • Feeling that there is a missing piece to your work

  • Looking to bring new energy, movement, and skills to your clients

  • Wanting to develop new clinical skills without the time and money investment required for an additional certification

Similar to my structure for supervision, I am happy to facilitate individual or group consultation sessions.

Additionally, I can provide adjunct therapy sessions for your current clients. If you have a client who would benefit from body-based interventions, dance/movement therapy, Reiki, mindfulness, or the like, I can provide brief and/or adjunct sessions to their existing therapy with you. This could be an ongoing arrangement where your talk therapy clients see me for movement-based therapy, and we consult on findings, or this could be a brief interim in the therapeutic process where clients attend sessions with me for a short-term intervention to learn body-based strategies, process in a new way, and practice mind-body integration, and then resume therapy with you. 

I am also comfortable consulting on:

  • Curriculum development

  • Workshop planning and implementation

  • Leadership development

  • Burnout prevention

  • Work/life balance

$75/hour, per person