Corporate Wellness

Do you value the health and wellness of your employees? Are you a leader, HR representative, or employee who wants to take a proactive approach to employees’ work/life balance?

Being proactive about wellness and taking initiative on providing opportunities for employees and corporate executives to learn about and practice wellness strategies, mindfulness, and work/life balance is not only a benefit for the employee, but the employer as well.

Incorporating a culture of wellness can increase employee retention, improve efficiency, decrease burnout, decrease stress and anxiety, prevent turnover, decrease costs, and heighten job satisfaction.

Corporate Wellness Initiatives can take the form of a training, one-time workshop, or ongoing support. Select a topic below or work with Katie to create a unique wellness initiate to meet your needs.

Wellness Training:

  • Movement as Stress Relief

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Improving Work/Life Balance

  • The Importance of the Body-Mind Connection at Work

  • Substance Use Recovery in the Workplace: Education + Strategies

Wellness Workshops:

  • On-site movement practice - stretching, dance, and/or posture improvement

  • On-site Reiki - individual Reiki sessions

  • On-site Meditation - individual or group guided meditation

  • Corporate Happy(ness) Hour: Stress Education + Reiki

  • Don’t see a topic for you? Contact Katie to design a wellness training or workshop unique for your team!

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