Executive Coaching

Do you need new insight on how to find the next level of success? Do you feel you could use some fine-tuning on leadership skills or your managerial approach? Maybe you feel you’ve exhausted all of your ideas for how to reach the next stage of your career. Would you find benefit in learning more about how you make decisions and interact with people?

Executive Coaching may work well for you if:

  • You would benefit from understanding your communication style and how to improve workplace relationships

  • You wants to better understand your inherent strengths and weaknesses, especially in regards to decision-making

  • You are ready to approach your workplace with creativity, understanding, honesty, and accountability 

  • You want to get to the next level in your career

  • You’re interested in ways to improve as a leader

  • You want to know how to more effectively structure your day, team, and workload

Executive coaching may involve general coaching and accountability strategies, leadership development, feedback on body language, strategies on improving speaking skills, debriefing team dynamics, among other approaches.

Additionally, you may find Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA) especially helpful. MPA involves coding your unique movement pattern and providing you with individualized, accurate feedback about how you make decisions and interact with people.

MPA can be applied for an individual, a duo (business or personal), or a large corporate team. The information gleaned from MPA supports the development of strategies for improved efficiency, job selection, candidate selection, improved team dynamics, job satisfaction, and many other areas. While personality, beliefs, and other aspects of ourselves change over time, the MPA profile and preferences related to decision-making and communication remain stable. This means the investment in obtaining your profile will be one you can use over the course of your professional career and lifetime.


In-person* and online coaching available

Free 15-minute phone consultation available

*Katie is based in Chicago, IL and will travel nationally and internationally