Who Am I?

I’m a dance/movement therapist, coach, Reiki master/teacher, workshop facilitator, perpetual learner, and mover. I love helping people discover the healthiest versions of themselves, whether that’s through individual talk therapy, movement workshops, or corporate trainings. 

We are so often bombarded by messages of tackling the next goal, growing in the professional world, becoming successful, and general busy-ness that we become balls of stress and racing thoughts. And although so many around us are experiencing similar overwhelm and frustration, we find it hard to open up and relate. So instead, we bury things, feel misunderstood, ignore feelings, and eventually burn out. 

My approach to working with and helping others is to support uncovering each person’s true, authentic self. But what does this mean? It is my belief that you have the answers, you just need some support to uncover them. I help people experience the safety needed to start recognizing and working through difficult emotions; to find the time to listen to their inner wisdom; and to discover the motivation to show up more fully, embodied, and grounded. 

Because being a ball of stress and racing thoughts, although it may have helped you find some success or protection, is not going to get you to the next step. True success is when you feel like you’re thriving, not just surviving; genuine satisfaction comes when you’re really living, not just existing.

Whether you join me in a workshop, Reiki session, corporate training, coaching, or therapy, I look forward to witnessing and supporting your unique process from stuck to free, stagnant to enlivened, and misunderstood to connected. 

What’s My Experience?

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), Board-Certified Dance-Movement Therapist (BC-DMT), Reiki Master/Teacher, and a certified Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA) consultant.

I completed my undergraduate degree (B.S.) at Loyola University of Chicago followed by a graduate degree (M.A.) in Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling at Columbia College Chicago. During my graduate training, I worked with adults with traumatic and acquired brain injuries and children/adolescents with medical complications. My professional experience includes working with clients in inpatient and outpatient psychiatric settings, facilitating individual and group therapy, working with primary substance use disorders, and supervising a program for adults with substance use and co-occurring disorders. 

In addition to my therapy experience, I have conducted over 100 Movement Pattern Analysis profiles for executives in the workplace and have worked with companies including, Alliance Safety Council, Billtrust, Campowerment, Ferguson Enterprises, The Richardson Group, Sparks, YMCA, among others. When providing MPA profiles, I code executives’ movements to then provide individualized, accurate feedback on how they make decisions and interact with people. This information can then be applied to help identify strategies for improved efficiency, job selection, candidate selection, improved team dynamics, job satisfaction, and more.

While I provide Reiki to private clients, I also have experience bringing Reiki to the hospice population by volunteering at a local hospice organization. The experience gained in this setting has been transformational and brings perspective and insight to all other facets of my work.