Have you been feeling stuck? Do you often have difficulty understanding or expressing your emotions? Maybe no matter what you do or say, other people just don’t get it and you feel like you’ve tried everything there is.

Life can get pretty overwhelming, and we all need a place to unwind, feel safe and understood. Therapy can help you discover ways of building motivation, improving relationships, finding your way, and feeling more content.

If you’re ready to explore patterns, want to get unstuck, and need a space to just be you, I’m here for you. While I can help with a variety of concerns (depression, anxiety, addiction to name a few), we will likely be a good fit if:

  • You are feeling misunderstood and need someone who gets you

  • You are ready to set goals and work toward self-improvement

  • You are curious and open to exploring the mind-body-spirit connection

My approach to therapy is to help you make positive changes and identify what is and isn’t working for you. We may work with traditional talk therapy techniques, movement therapy, mindfulness or something else - how we navigate our sessions will be co-created based on your goals and what you feel is best for you.

I balance creating a safe, non-judgmental, accepting space with holding you accountable and providing direct feedback. I want you to feel empowered and understood and will also provide you the accountability you need to not only intellectually understand your problems but to actually start making positive changes. My approach is more active than passive - I am a non-judgmental listening ear but am more likely to help you identify next steps than continue to re-tell an old story. Let’s rewrite and start a new chapter!

I do not accept insurance, self-pay only; however, you can request a superbill to submit to your insurance.


Free 15-minute phone consultation available