Life Coaching

Are you trying to reach the next level of success? Do you feel like you’ve achieved a lot on your own but are open to learning new ways to maximize and achieve your goals? Do you struggle with making decisions? Are you seeking ways to understand your motivations and others’ motivations on a deeper level?

Coaching may be right for you if:

  • You want to be challenged in order to keep improving

  • You are struggling with decision-making

  • You want someone to hold you accountable to your goals

  • You want improve understanding of the people around you

My approach to coaching is to hold up a mirror to your current experience to help you identify what you need to change. We will work collaboratively to identify barriers and what’s holding you back, strategies to increase your level of success and satisfaction, and ways of working toward new goals to keep the growth moving.

Coaching may involve general coaching and accountability strategies or you may find Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA) especially helpful. MPA involves coding your unique movement pattern and providing you with individualized, accurate feedback about how you make decisions and interact with people.

MPA can be applied for an individual, a duo (business or personal), or a large corporate team. The information gleaned from MPA supports the development of strategies for improved efficiency, job selection, candidate selection, improved team dynamics, job satisfaction, and many other areas. While traditionally applied to the corporate setting, MPA can be incredibly helpful to improve relationship dynamics in the personal realm, improve decision-making, as well as support an individual looking for self-improvement and growth through coaching.

$200/hour (online or in person)

Free 15-minute phone consultation available